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Kaika here!

Posted by Steve

So contrary to popular belief, I did make it to Japan, I've had a most wonderful time. We're now 9 days in and these guys are starting to drive me crazy (not really).

Everyone here has been incredibly warm and friendly and even now it's still hard to believe that we're here.

Possibly the most appreciative and enthusiastic audiences ever - it's a real privilege to play for these fans. It's pretty incredible to have people halfway across the globe singing the words to our songs. The fan reaction has been much more intense than we ever could have expected. Sincere thanks to our Japanese hosts and fans. You made our time here truly special.

While gift shopping the other day, I stumbled upon a little something for myself. I was able to trade-up the the Epiphone Les Paul that I brought into Japan for a Gibson model. Language barrier aside, the music store guys were truly great to work with, and they hammered out a great deal for this western visitor.

It's a land of mystery (especially the plumbing) and it's sometimes tough when you can't read menus, road signs, newspapers, etc... The TV's have been useless except for American feeds of baseball games.

Speaking of baseball, we went to a professional Japanese baseball game last night and the Yokohama Bay Stars (our faves) easily handled the Chunichi Dragons. Man, you should hear these people cheer. It was a real rockin environment. Interestingly enough, they divide fans by team allegiance to opposite sides of the stadium. It was like an American baseball game but instead of hot dogs they were selling sushi and sake and bourbon. What a trip!

It's all been great but it's getting to be that time where we're all looking forward to heading home to familiar surroundings. I look forward to seeing you all and thanks for your interest and support.

Posted by Steve on July 02, 2004 at 09:37 PM EDT | Comments (5)

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