A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers at the El 'N Gee Club, New London, CT

Bleary eyed Sunday

Posted by Hugh

5 hours sleep - gotta pack and hit the road in a couple of hours - utterly exhausted...

Lots of superlatives last night - subalashi! CHO KAKOY! (Fantistic, Really Cool). I think the place must have been sold out because you couldn't move an inch without stepping on someone's toes - literally shoulder to shoulder. First band was Pay Channel from Kanazawa about 6 hours drive away (past Kyoto). Great songs, cool guitars, very friendly guys, from a small town, just like us. I tried to hang in the audience for Firestarter but got too battered by frantic pogo dancing after half the set and had to retreat to the dressing room. Once again Firestarter rocked hard and fast, but we got cheated out of an encore, ostensibly because Fifi broke two strings.

We played a solid ninety minute set, including I don't know how many encores. They kept asking us back and we kept going. Highlights - a chaotic version of Hippy Shake with Fifi on guitar, and Peter on lead vocal. Steve and I figured out a little late in the game that Firestarter plays Hippy Shake in A, while we play it in E. A glorious cacaphony. Capital Radio with Shintaro on vocals again. This time we got it right. Ready Steady Go, In the City, Rockaway Beach...we pulled out all the stops....the crowd was insatiable, but we finally called it a night when I broke strings on both guitars.

The after party went from 10:00 till past 2:30 and was still going on when we took our cabs back to the hotel. Countless autographs and Photo ops. Many shouts of Kampai. I was told it was the biggest after party in memory.

(My apologies to Kazu for spelling his name with a "u" instead of an "a" in a previous entry. He explained that when spelled with a "u" it's pronounced KOOZOO and means "trash." Oops!)

This Wednesday I'm going to do a special on Japanese Rock and Roll on the Dead Air Show (6-pm to 9pm on WCNI of course)- accessible with Quicktime software through a link on the Reducers webpage.. We may have some Japanese listeners tuning in on the web, Thursday morning between 7 am and 10 am. Hands across the water.

Thanks to everyone here for giving us the time of our lives. Words cannot sufficiently express how grateful I am, how grateful we all are, for having this chance. Fifi, Fink, Jimbo and Sami - You ROCK! Tachi, Cogi, Cohe, and Tomi (Sp?) You ROCK! This experience has been a stupefyingly postive one from start to finish. Looking forward to seeing Japanese bands playing in our area sometime soon. I like Bill Dumas' idea of chartering a 747 for our next Japan tour - let the fans meet each other!

Masao, who interviewed me on line for Doll Magazine, has proposed releasing a single on his record label, with the Reducers covering a Firestarter song and Firestarter covering a Reducers song. Cool idea!

While this is the end of our tour, I sense that it might be the beginning of something cool...Who knows?


Posted by Hugh on July 03, 2004 at 08:38 PM EDT


Hey Hugh! This is great!! So glad that the final night was such a triumph (again)!! Reducers rock!

I did get to meet Jimbo in Northampton (Hi, Jimbo!) but obviously don't know all the other new friends in Japan, but I too am grateful to everyone over there - Jimbo and Fifi for organizing this whole event, and all the others for being so welcoming and good to you all these ten days. What a wonderful thing.

Don't worry about the five hours' sleep, you have about 13 hours with nothing to do on the flight home!

I'll see you all in a few hours - can't wait - love, m

Posted by: martha at July 03, 2004 at 08:59 PM EDT

Hugh, Peter, Tom, Steve, and Richard,
Congrats on successfully completing the Japan Tour 2004! And tons of thanks for purveying dreams to and encouraging many Japanese people, irrespective age and gender. I wholeheartedly appreciate what you did during the Japan Tour. You have had everyoneís heart melt and get to make out the pith and marrow of Rockín Roll even more. I believe I am qualified to say that because I personally witnessed those who were all agog over your performance at STATTO and very positive feedback by not a few fans of The Reducersís, put up on a Bulletin Board.

I guess youíre now flying over the Pacific Ocean, probably in-mid flight over Hawaii. Just a few hours before you departed Japan, I talked with Peter and Hugh just a little bit on the cell phone in order to say thanks again for the warmest friendship and welcome the Reducers members kindly had shown to me and my English Students when we went to visit them, and sayonara. Unfortunately the phone suddenly went dead before I finished conveying almost all of what I truly wanted to say, probably due to a poor condition of radio wave. I thought of calling them back and yet refrained, because I didnít want to keep on the phone the super rockín roll musicians who were really exhausted with the last nightís very successful gig at the Shelter. I do believe, however, that they may now be with exhaustion but that they are with huge accomplishment and satisfaction as well.

Hisashi and Tamiko

Posted by: Hisashi at July 04, 2004 at 08:47 AM EDT

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