A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers at the El 'N Gee Club, New London, CT

Tokyo - July, 3 - Saturday

Posted by Peter

Okay, our time here is winding down. We have one more show to play tonight - a return to the Shelter club , and a last chance to share the stage with our new friends Firestarter. Everyone seems particularly excited by the prospect of tonight's show, and we need to play our best! Many of the people who have come to the recent shows will be there again tonight - we're beginning to know most of the more enthusiastic fans. It should be a blast, and I imagine the after gig party will be particularly joyous.

As Mr. Pleasure has reported, we had a great time at the baseball game last night. Something so familiar, and yet so different! Sake and sushi....it ain't Shea Stadium! We sat in the bleechers, with most of the more vocal supporters. And how about this - to save on expenses, we brought a dozen tall Sapporo beers in with us! Once again...it ain't Shea.

Jimbo then accompanied us back to our neighborhood, stopping at one point in the eye-popping Shibuya, which on a busy Friday night was an unbelievable sight! We ended our evening together at a small bar where the woman "master" sat and talked with us, gave Richard a complimentary Suntory scotch, and generally made certain that her guests were taken care of. (Very different to the ways of the master at the Dutch Tavern!) We laughed, chatted, and enjoyed a few beers before Jimbo walked us back to our hotel and then departed on his scooter to navigate his own way home. Another great day in a trip which is already starting to turn into a wonderful, dreamlike memory.

We're going out to do some shopping. It's a beautiful day outside. (Despite this being the "rainy season," it has been sunny almost every day.) Today it doesn't feel too muggy either.

Tonight we rock...tomorrow we fly home.

Posted by Peter on July 02, 2004 at 10:15 PM EDT


hey - like I just said to Mr. Pleasure - rock them till they can't rock any more!! Wish I had some kind of star trek transport thing or tardis or something to get there by blinking (Jeannie? Samantha Stevens?) - but I don't, so I (and everyone else here) have to experience it through you all - so, here's the complication...

We have all been reading the updates of shows one through four, and eagerly awaiting each update. Tonight (Saturday) you play most excellent highest rocking Shelter show - and get up on Sunday to come home. Somebody HAS to post a notice to this site before you leave - either "sleepily"/tiredly on Saturday night, or before you leave on Sunday, because we all know that once you get back here, it will be out of mind. So, please please please remember all the faithful out here - we are all on tenterhooks here, waiting to hear the details of the big exciting climactic show in Tokyo. Before that laptop gets packed up.... tell us what happened!!

Sorry to lay this on you all, but it's imperative -we need to know!

Thanks in advance -- and have a GREAT HIGHEST TIME tonight!! Rock rock rock rock rock rock rock -have some Gatorade, and then rock some more!!!

Love you big time - m.

Posted by: marty at July 02, 2004 at 10:32 PM EDT

It's been a blast being on this tour with you. I've reading every word on the blog with much delight, envy and sadness that I'm not there. I can't quite see Japan from the beach here in LA but I feel a little closer to the action than if I were in NL.

On the next tour I think your Japanese fans should meet your American fans. There was once a Reducer bus trip to The Ritz. I say we charter a 747 to Tokyo. I call that livin'.

Thanks for bringing us along on the cybertour.

Nice work on the video, Richard! You get a DP credit.


Posted by: Bill Dumas at July 03, 2004 at 07:31 PM EDT

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