A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers at the El 'N Gee Club, New London, CT

Set List Fiddler, Tokyo 6/29/04

Posted by rpb

Here's the set list for The Fiddler show. There were lots of impromptu changes as the night went on so this is our best reconstruction of what actually got played.

Set 1:
Thought I Heard A Heartbeat
Three Bells In A Row
Bums I Used To Know
That'll Be Just Fine
Life In The Neighborhood
Baby Come Back
Let's Go
Maximum Depression
Shake Some Action
Out Of Step
Company Man
Heart Of The City

Set 2:
Don't Mind Rockin'
Black Plastic Shoes
Catch That Train
Little Punky Hood
Subject To Change
Fine, Fine, Fine
Hurt By Love
Dirty Water
Capital Radio (with Shintaro on lead vocal!)
So Civilized

Set 3:
San Antone
First Time
Cruise To Nowhere
Take The K.A.S.H
Get Away
Spaghetti Western #6
Pub Rocking
99 1/2
Your Mother
Secret Agent Man
96 Tears
She Does It Right
Peace, Love & Understanding

Encore 1:
Complete Control
Something Better Change

Encore 2:
Route 66

Posted by rpb on June 29, 2004 at 11:39 PM EDT


Shit, what a hell of a show...
Wish I was there for that one.
Lets get that set list on disc.
Great show guys.

Posted by: Kevin Gallerani at June 30, 2004 at 06:23 AM EDT

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