A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers at the El 'N Gee Club, New London, CT

Things to remember

Posted by Hugh

Some things we learned by making mistakes:

Don't blow your nose in public, (Richard!) it's very rude.

Never pour your own drink. Let someone else do it.

In Osaka, for hello, it's mah-ay-doh. Thank you is oh-kee-nee. In Tokyo it's different.

Ee-kuh-zay means Let's Go in Japanese.

You count on your hand by putting fingers down (starting with your thumb) instead of putting them up.

Long haul back from Osaka, but we pulled in around 9 pm. Tonight we play three sets, mostly covers, at The Fiddlers in Tokyo, a British pub in the middle of Japan. Meanwhile we plan to go exploring.

More Later.

Posted by Hugh on June 28, 2004 at 08:08 PM EDT


This blog thing that Master McD cooked up is great. It's a treat to check in and read up on the latest adventures of the "other fab four."

After reading this entry about picking up bits of the language and culture, I think of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen in the movie "Lost in Translation." I can just picture them at a club with The Reducers playing a gig and watching how the Japanese fans go wild and know all the words to your songs. Fascinating and surreal... Keep it coming, boys.

Posted by: Kati at June 28, 2004 at 10:28 PM EDT

Oh, boy - things that I can share with the kids at school!

Posted by: stidfoles at June 29, 2004 at 03:03 PM EDT

Boku-no aiboh, Hugh!
[ My buddy, HUgh!]

Boku-wa Ashita-wa kimi-ni Ai-ni Iku-zo.
[ I tomorrow you to see will go]

Boku-wa kimi-ni auno-ga machikire-nai-yo.
[ I you see can't wait ]

Posted by: Hisashi at June 29, 2004 at 06:21 PM EDT

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