A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers at the El 'N Gee Club, New London, CT

6/28 Tuesday Morning, Tokyo

Posted by rpb

We're back at the Tokyo hotel and the coffeee is delicious! It was like coming home when we arrived last night and we celebrated by getting comfortable with some refreshments from the 5th floor vending machines and some food from the burger joint down the block (Mos Burger - very delicious burger).

We're planning a little excursion to some new neighborhoods this afternoon but will return in the afternoon to prepare for the show tonight.

I've just tried to encourage both Steve and Tom to sit down at this thing and write a few notes but they're being a little shy. We'll see if a little more peer pressure will get them to sit down and write a few words for the people to see.

So how's my eye? Well it's very colorful (VERY colorful) and thanks for asking.

Just don't ask about my back...

Posted by rpb on June 28, 2004 at 08:34 PM EDT


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