A first-hand journal of The Reducers' Japan Tour 2004.

The Reducers onstage in Japan

Peter's japan photos

Posted by Peter

Hey all! I've been a bad Reducer! It's taken me forever to get my photos from the tour up on the web site, but they're all there now, for your viewing pleasure! (Go to the "photo gallery" section of this site.) There's a lot of great pics, but the ones that really knock me out are the shots that I took from various stages during our shows over there - if you thought that we were exaggerating the response that we received over there, just have a look at those photos! That'll give you an idea of what we were dealing with! It was nuts, and those shots give a good indication of just how crazy it was, every show we played! (Man, I want to go back!) Once again, I recommend the "slideshow" format, since there are a lot of photos to get through. Hope that you all enjoy them! (Sorry that it took me so long!)

Check in here once in a while, since I know that other stuff will be surfacing - Steve & Hugh both took some photos, and maybe they'll make an appearance. Also, I know that Richard is going through his vast stock of video footage, and will be posting the occasional video online. (I hope everyone was able to view the "Get Out of Denver" video from the first Shelter show.) I've had a preview of the next potential posting - us doing "Capital Radio" with guest vocals from our pal Shintaro at the final show in Tokyo - maybe the third or fourth encore that night! It's great!

Looking through this batch of photos brings back such great memories, and reminds me of all the great new friendships that we were able to establish in Japan. We can never say enough about how great our hosts were - Jimbo, Fifi and Fink were with us every step of the way, and Firestarter's mysterious bassist Sammi was also a wonderful guy! (What is it with mysterious bassists?) On our final night in Tokyo he presented me with Japanese baseball cards, souvenier baseball stufff, and an impossible to find LP of demos that he did with Fink in the Raydios - a band they had between Teengenerate and Firestarter. Priceless! Thanks to all the guys in Firestarter - friends for life! But, also I realize that we met and got to know so many other great people in the short while that we were in Japan - it's just amazing! I miss them all!

Also - we'll have a limited supply of the Japanese tour t-shirts available soon! We should have them in a couple of weeks, and once they're gone, that's it, so if you want one.....stay tuned!

That's all for now.

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Dead Air Radio - July 14th with Peter

Posted by McD

Peter did his first Dead Air radio show last night since his return from Japan. Check it out here (40MB filesize).

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Shelter Video

Posted by rpb

The Reducers at  Shelter, Tokyo, Japan - June 25, 2004 - Get Out Of Denver (small)Get Out Of Denver Video


BIG, BIG, full screen version.
20mb!! Good for super-speedy, office type internet connections.

Medium size version.
12mb. Good for speedy, home type internet connections.

Tiny little version.
5mb in size. Also good for home internet connections, but it will still take a while if you use a dial-up modem.

As an internet user it's your right to wait as long as you'd like for any size file, so if you've got the time and want to see the big video in all of its supreme shakiness, please click! Then wait.

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Posted by rpb

At Peter's request I'm attaching two of my (increasingly blurry) photos from Sailfest yesterday. It might be time for a new camera. Just wait until you see Peter's great, fully focused photos from the tour...

Steve is gravity-challenged in this shot from Sailfest and that's why I like it.

The Reducers at SailFest 2004 - Click to enlarge photo

The Reducers at SailFest 2004 - Click to enlarge photo

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Monday, July 12 (post-Sailfest)

Posted by Peter

Whew! - A wild weekend in New London. The Reducers played on Saturday night and it all went great! We played two sets, with the spectacular Grucci fireworks in between. (I'll put up set lists tonight maybe.) The response was great, the weather was perfect and the band played really well - it was great to be playing through our own amps again! All the equipment that we used on our Japanese tour was fine, but not what we're used to. I love my Hiwatt amp, and aftrer 20 years playing through it, I know how to get a good sound! (It only took me about twelve years.) Speaking of Japan, we put the banner that Coggi made for us up behind us on stage on Saturday and people seemed to get a huge kick out of it. We were all still running on the adreneline that built up playing with Firestarter and the other great groups we played with in Tokyo and Osaka. (I wore my Firestarter t shirt!) Now we take some time off, after a very busy few weeks.

Richard came up from NYC for the show, and I hope that he'll be putting some of the photos that he took up on this site so everyone can see them. Also, I got my photos back from our time in Japan and I'll be sharing those any day now. They're great, and the shots I took of the audiences are amazing! (Tachi seems to be in every one of them!) Look for them soon!

As they say, the beat goes on!

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Dead Air Radio follow-up

Posted by McD

Hugh played a lot of great music on his radio show Wednesday night. If you missed it live you can listen to an archive of it here (this file taken offline on July 15th). Grab it, stick it in iTunes, load it on your iPod and give it a listen.

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