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aka: 118 Songs That They Cover

This list is a work in progress. If you have any additions or corrections let me know.

! Song Title                         Original Artist
= =================================  ============================================
! A Legal Matter                        The Who
! All In It Together                    The Pirates
! Anarchy In The U.K.                   The Sex Pistols
  Apeman  (1)                           The Kinks
  Auld Lang Syne (9)                    traditional
! Away From The Numbers                 The Jam

  Baby, Baby                            The Vibrators
  Baby Come Back (8)                    The Equals
! Bang A Gong                           T-Rex
  Battleship Chains                     The Woods (aka Woodpeckers)
! Blitzkreig Bop                        The Ramones
! Breakout (2)                          Chris Spedding

  Ca Plane Pour Moi                     Plastic Bertrand
  Can't Explain                         The Who
  Can't Hardly Wait                     The Replacements
! Capitol Radio                         The Clash
  Catch That Train                      Chris Spedding
! Complete Control                      The Clash

! Dancing With Myself                   Gen-X (Billy Idol)
! Death May Be Your Santa Claus         Mott The Hoople
! Dirty Water                           The Standells
! Don't Mind Rockin'                    Ducks Deluxe
  Dr. Brown                             Fleetwood Mac

  Every 1's A Winner                    Hot Chocolate

! First Time                            The Boys 
! For Your Love                         The Yardbirds 

! Get Out Of Denver                     Bob Seger
! Get Out Of My Pagoda                  Chris Spedding
  Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'               Crazy Elephant
! Gimme Some Truth                      John Lennon
! God Save The Queen                    The Sex Pistols
  Going Back Home (8)                   Dr. Feelgood

! Head Kicked In (3)                    Earl Vince and The Valiants (Fleetwood Mac)
  Heart Of The City                     Nick Lowe
  Heartbeat (8)                         The Inmates
  Hey Miss Betty                        Chris Spedding
! High Society (8)                      Roger C. Reale
! Hippy Hippy Shake (4)                 Chan Romero
! Holidays In The Sun                   The Sex Pistols
  Homicide                              999
! Hurt By Love (5)                      Chris Spedding

  I Hear You Knockin'                   King/Bartholomew
  I Just Wanna Have Something To Do     The Ramones
! I Wanna Be Sedated                    The Ramones
  I Want To Destroy You                 Robin Hitchcock
! In The City                           The Jam
! I Think We're Alone Now               Tommy James & The Shondells

! Janie Jones                           The Clash

  Let's Talk About Us                   Otis Blackwell / Jerry Lee Lewis
! Let's Twist Again                     Chubby Checker
! Lip Service                           Elvis Costello
! Little Bit O'Soul                     Music Explosion
  Little Red Riding Hood                Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs
! Long Journey Home                     The Pirates
! Lookin' After #1                      The Boomtown Rats

! Mack The Knife (8)                    Bobby Darin
  Memphis                               Chuck Berry
! My Town                               Golden Earing

! 96 Tears                              ? and The Mysterians
! Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do) (8) Wilson Pickett
! No Action                             Elvis Costello
! No Feelings                           The Sex Pistols
  Nobody But Me                         The Human Beinz
! Nobody Hurts You                      Graham Parker

  Oh, What A Lucky Man                  Alan Price
! Once Bitten, Twice Shy                Ian Hunter

! Pretty Vacant                         The Sex Pistols
! Pogo Dancing                          Chris Spedding and The Vibrators
! Police Car (8)                        Larry Wallis
  Police On My Back                     Eddie Grant
  Problems								Sex Pistols
! Public Image                          Public Image
  Punch Drunk                           Dr. Feelgood

  Rave On                               Buddy Holly & The Crickets
! Ready, Steady, Go                     Gen-X (Billy Idol)
! Remote Control                        The Clash
! Rich Kids                             Rich Kids
  Rip This Joint                        The Rolling Stones
! Roadrunner                            Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
! Rockaway Beach                        The Ramones
  Route 66                              Bobby Troup

! Safe European Home                    The Clash
! Secret Agent Man                      Johnny Rivers
! Seventeen                             The Sex Pistols
! Shake                                 Teenage Head
! Shake Some Action                     The Flaming Groovies
! Shakin' All Over                      Johnny Kidd & The Pirates 
  She Does It Right                     Dr. Feelgood
! She's a Windup                        Dr. Feelgood
! Sheena Is A Punk Rocker               The Ramones
! Shot By Both Sides                    Magazine
  Silver Bullet                         Chris Spedding
  Sleep Walk (8)                        Santo & Johnny
! Slow Down                             Larry Williams
  So Long Baby Goodbye                  The Blasters
  Something Better Change (6)           The Stranglers
  Something Else						Sid Vicious
  Stay With Me                          The Dictators
! Stop And Go                           Roger C. Reale
! Summertime Blues                      Eddie Cochran
! Sunshine Of Your Love                 Cream
! Surrender                             Cheap Trick

! Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.) (8)          Wreckless Eric
  Talk Of The Devil                     Dr. Feelgood
! That's It, I Quit (8)                 Dr. Feelgood
! The Last Time                         The Rolling Stones
! The Girls Don't Like It               The Undertones
! The Letter                            The Box Tops
! Three Bells In A Row (8)              Tenpole Tudor
  Tiger (7)                             Fabian
  Til The End Of The Day                The Kinks
! Turning Grey                          The Boys

! What Did I Do Last Night?             Dave Edmunds
! What Do I Get?                        The Buzzcocks
  (What's So Funny, 'Bout)
    Peace, Love, and Understanding?     Nick Lowe
  Where You At?                         Lloyd Price
! Wild In The Streets                   Chris Spedding
  Wild Women                            Chris Spedding
  Work For Food                         Dramarama
! World Park Junkies                    Sharks

  (1) - Peter & Hugh recorded live at Connecticut College, November 1984
  (2) - Appears on the compilation LP "Towers Of New London Vo. 2" (VSR 4909)
  (3) - Appears on the Reducers CD "Shinola" (TGP-1006)
  (4) - Appears on the Reducers LP "Let's Go" (TGP-1001) and CD "Old Cons" (TGP-1007)
  (5) - Appears on the Reducers "Hurt By Love"/"Let's Go" single (TGP-2) and CD "Old Cons" (TGP-1007)
  (6) - Appears on The Stranglers tribute CD "No More Heroes"
  (7) - Appears on the Reducers CD "Redux" (TGP-1005)
  (8) - Appears on the Reducers CD "Old Cons" (TGP-1007)
  (9) - Appears on the Reducers "Nothing For Christmas/Auld Lang Syne" single (TGP-3)

   !  - Appeared on the original "EveryLickTheyKnow" list (dated June, 1984).

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